Server-side rendering has come in and out of popularity over the years with a weird reason for going out of the current meta. The power of rendering your content on the server brings the ultimate ability to target users regardless of their network connection, device capabilities, etc. It has a purpose way beyond being the flavor of the month and here's why.

The problem

The first thing that happens when a browser interacts with a domain is it checks to see if the page is in the cache to render the view that you have downloaded/been to before. Afterward, the HTML code…

I recently got a chance to start playing with Deno a secure runtime for javascript and typescript. My initial attraction came from using Rust and typescript as the two main weapons in my arsenal. This to me felt like it only made sense to look at how I can combine the love for both tools to achieve the need for speed on the productivity and application portion of software development. The creator of node.js is also the creator of Deno and his major focus currently is working on the deno project.

Major Benefits

Deno provides a great set of features that make… 100 google lighthouse score for performance metrics 100 google lighthouse score for performance metrics
desktop lighthouse score

So there was a time where figuring out performance metrics across browsers would be a night and day task. Now thanks to the lighthouse team we can easily get a base standard on how our website will compare to a real world situation on performance. Lighthouse uses a mid tier device to determine the appropriate metrics for a test for a solid base target audience which gives us a good solid base.

Why should we care about performance?

When we are using a website for the first time we want to make sure we get the users attention and maintain their engagement. One of the most…

Within the world of information technology, regulations are often set in place and we must inquire to understand why such enforcements are necessary. ADA compliance is one of these cases that cares to leverage a neutral experience for users that may lack accessibility issues. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, otherwise known as WCAG, is in part responsible for the standards of an organization that is met. These rules that get standardized by WCAG allow for efficient targeting and usability for all users. …

Jeff Mendez

Founder of A11yWatch — tinkerer of many things — casual fisherman

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